Alexandria Soccer Academy

April 2017 Preview

April 2017 Preview

After two successful and competitive ASK Kick-Off weekends, many teams head into their first league games this weekend!

As with every season, we want our teams and players to keep raising the standard of both of their play in training and games. While many will gauge success through "external" feedback, such as league championships and trophies, we want to remind Alexandria Travel families that our technical staff and coaches will evaluate success with "internal" measures as well.

We will place equal (if not more!) importance on the learning process and how we go about achieving success on the field. We derive just as much satisfaction watching players firsthand start to "see the picture" on the field and execute training concepts during games.

With that in mind, as parents, please be sure to keep correct balance in mind. Encourage your players to challenge themselves and always compete while playing quality soccer and remain the constant support through inevitable "ups and downs" of the season!

Go Alexandria!

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