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Weather & Make-Up Policy

Inclement Weather

Decisions on field closures are made as late as possible in order to give the best possible chance for class to take place, however, some decisions are easier than others, and, therefore, it is possible that a field is closed prior to game day.  Please check the Alexandria Sports Hotline for ASA Tots Soccer for specific field closures at 703-746-5597.  Please check the hotline at 1 hour prior to the start time of your class.  Also, please check your email at prior to leaving for the field, for an email from ASA, as there may be times that we are able to hold a class, even though the hotline may have closed fields.  If an ASA Tots Soccer field closure is not specifically reported on the hotline, it is at the discretion of the program administrator to determine whether a class is cancelled.  Updates will be sent via email. Some classes may be held in light rain. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately.  

Make-Up Classes

Generally, ASA Tots class schedules allow for at least one make-up day during a given 4 or 6 week session.  However, due to field permit constraints and scheduling conflicts, we are unable to guarantee that one or more than one canceled class will be made up.  In the case that a class is able to be made-up, it may be offered on another day than your scheduled class (for example, a Saturday class may be made up on a Sunday).  We will do our absolute best to make-up one or as many classes that may be canceled during a specific session due to weather (for example, if 2 classes are missed out of 6, we will try our best to make-up both sessions).  However, we can not guarantee make-up classes. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Liz Blount (ASA Tots Manager) at

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