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Tots & Pre-K Age Group Overlap

Tots and Pre-K Age Group Overlap

ASA recognizes the physical and social development of our youngest soccer players as an important ingredient to properly placing participants in the most appropriate playing environment. Our staff has worked with families of players who are looking at the option of the Tots Program or starting out in the PreK recreation league and figuring out what may be the best for their player. In the end, we treat it as a discussion with the family making the final call (for eligible participants) as we want each player to have the best possible experience.

Our online registration system will automatically place players into programs based on their grade. In this case if you list 'Pre-K' then you will be signing up for Prek Rec. We have found that players born later in the year, in this case, August and September, are typically the ones with the biggest concerns. Please contact the office for clarification.

Some things to consider:

Tots Program

  • 4-6 week class structure
  • Run by an ASA professional coach
  • Interactive and fun games 
  • Set time and location each week that you sign-up for

Recreation League

  • Placed on a PreK team
  • Coached by a volunteer, typically a parent
  • Practice 1 time a week, typically in the neighborhood of most of the players and picked by the volunteer head coach
  • 3v3 game on Saturday's
  • 7 or8 weeks of games each season (fall and spring)

If you have any additional questions you may contact our Tots Director, Chris Arnold or our Recreation Director, Peter Kallin in the ASA office at 703-684-5425

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