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Alexandria Soccer Announces Recreational League Age Group Format Changes

New US Soccer mandates will not be implemented in the ASA recreational league

News Alert: Alexandria, Virginia - Alexandria Soccer commits to operating its recreational youth soccer league for U5-U12 players in a format that fits the social and developmental needs of it’s players by  transitioning into grade based divisions by shifting our player registration birth dates to match the Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) System for the 2016-2017 year and beyond.

The current ASA recreational league or ‘house’ league, for players aged 4-12 years old, groups players who are born August 1st - July 31st in the same division. Starting in the fall of 2016, ASA will transition into grade based divisions using the ACPS registration guideline, grouping kids by their date of birth from October 1st - September 30th. This format allows our recreational players to enjoy their playing experience as they participate alongside their classmates, neighbors and friends. Additionally, ASA makes every attempt to form teams by neighborhood and school to build a sense of community and involvement.

While recognizing the intentions of US Soccer with their Player Development Initiatives, ASA views these changes to only affect the players on the travel side of ASA and not the in-house U5-U12 recreational league. The changes to calendar year age groups announced by US Soccer allows ASA to make long sought age range changes to the recreational program. The recreational changes will allow the club to better place players by using the ACPS grade birth dates. This reinforces existing guidelines which place children in local school and community teams, a practice that has proved extremely successful since 1970.

Our U13-U19 recreational players currently compete in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL).  SFL will be announcing in March how they plan to structure their age groups moving forward.  ASA will ensure that we take initiatives to transition these players into these full sided teams as best possible regardless of their decision.

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