Alexandria Soccer

Game Day Goal Safety


  • Goals falling onto people who are moving the goals from one location to another
  • People falling from goals while climbing or hanging from goals or nets
  • Goals falling over on people who are pulling down on or climbing on crossbars
  • Injuries or fatalities occurring as a result of running into goal posts
  • Goals falling over as a result of high winds or wind gusts
  • Cuts/abrasions resulting from sharp edges or jagged metal or wood pieces protruding from goal posts


At a minimum you should use the following as a basis for your safety guidelines concerning soccer goals:

  • Place sand bags on all goals
  • NEVER allow anyone to play or climb on the net or goal framework
  • Place safety warning labels on the goal posts and crossbar
  • Always use extreme caution when moving goals. Portable soccer goals should be moved by adults who are authorized and trained to do so. Allow for adequate manpower to move goals of varied sizes
  • Communicate with all of your teams and leagues, and instruct players (and spectators) of the potential dangers associated with moving or playing on portable goals

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