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ASA Scholarship Fund

Fund to support highest need children throughout Alexandria


ASA Scholarship Fund

At the core of ASA’s mission is the commitment from the club to allow all players the opportunity to play soccer regardless of their ability, education or financial standing.  In the past year, ASA has pushed especially hard to fulfill this part of our mission with community outreach events, partnerships with city afterschool programs and grassroots efforts in underserved neighborhoods.  By doing so ASA has nearly doubled its number of players in need of financial assistance in all of the programs including the Recreation and Travel league teams.  The families that are being supported are extremely grateful but at this rate of scholarship population growth we will have to start turning kids away from programs.


The Alexandria Community:

  • 59% of public school children qualify for free lunch
  • To qualify for Free lunch with one parent and one child annual salary must be less than $20,449.  With 2 children $25,727.
  • 61% white, 22% African American, 16% Hispanic city wide


 How many kids does ASA support?  What demographic?

  • 828 scholarship players (24%) of the 3,400+ total Recreation, TOTS and Futsal players throughout the year with.  160 of 675 (23%) total Travel players are on scholarship
  • 60% white, 8% African American, 22% Hispanic club wide


Projected 2016-2017 numbers:

  • 900 Recreation and program players x $75 (average award)= $67,500
  • 175 Travel players x $900 (average award)= $157,500
  • Total Scholarship Projected for nearly 1,200 players = $225,000


How can you help? ASA hosts several events throughout the year and will be sharing the need with local foundations, businesses, community partners and support groups.  ASA participates in Spring2ACTion in April and hosts a Fall social.  In late fall ASA sends out an appeal to all its members asking for contributions and support.

-          Donate money!
-          Chair an event committee
-          Make direct appeals for donations
-          Execute and market the events
-          Attract sponsors and community partners for the events
-          Gather donations for food, raffle items, etc. for events
-          Grant Writing


Contact ASA Executive Director Tommy Park for more information on how to support the fund at

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