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In 2018 we created our Access4All Project as a way to encompass the scholarship and outreach work we do in our community. We are committed to ensuring that all children, no matter their skill or financial status, have the opportunity for a quality soccer experience if they're interested.

A big initiative in 2017 was launching our Scholarship After School Soccer League at Title 1 Elementary Schools in Alexandria. The leagues removed common barriers to play by being both free and located at the school. Kids were transported home after games on a late bus scheduled specially for us through our partnership with Alexandria City Public Schools. Spring2Action helped fund this initiative and we hope to expand this program with sponsorships, donations and grants. Read more about the program HERE.

Also included in our Access4All Project is our school and recreational center outreach events. Throughout the year we do "gym class takeovers" where we run gym classes throughout the day at a school. This is an awesome opportunity for us to get kids moving and playing soccer in a way that they might not otherwise. These events require equipment (think 50 soccer balls!) and coaching time - both of which Spring2Action help support. 

We're looking forward to expanding the initiatives of this project throughout 2018. If you are a part of a group that would like to partner with us for an event please let us know. We love unique opportunities to bring soccer to kids and this initiative is what drives the heart of our organization. 

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