Alexandria Soccer Academy

Alexandria Teams Lift Cups in Columbus Day Weekend Tournaments!

Over Columbus Day weekend, our U9-U12 teams competed in tournament play, including the club-hosted America's Cup Columbus Day Tournament. The club would like to congrate the sixteen (16) teams that reached the semi-finals and/or finals!

  • U9 Boys White | Division Semi-Finalists
  • U9 Boys Blue | Division Finalists
  • U9 Boys Black | Division Champions
  • U9 Girls Red | Division Champions
  • U9 Girls White | Division Semi-Finalists
  • U10 Boys Red | Division Champions
  • U10 Boys White | Division Finalists
  • U10 Boys Blue | Division Champions
  • U10 Boys Black | Division Champions
  • U11 Boys Red | Division Finalists
  • U11 Boys White | Division Finalists
  • U12 Boys Red | Division Finalists
  • U12 Boys White | Division Finalists
  • U12 Boys Blue | Division Champions
  • U12 Girls Red | Division Finalists
  • U12 Girls White | Division Finalists


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