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Press Release: September 4, 2014

Alexandria Academy Curriculum

Alexandria Soccer is excited to announce a valuable partnership with Kieran Smith, a globally-recognized author and educator teaching possession-based soccer with direct experience within top Spanish and English youth academies. Kieran’s academy experience includes CE Europa (Barcelona), AD Alcorcon (Madrid), Manchester City (England), and Tottenham Hotspur (England).

Beginning in January 2017, Kieran has been working closely with club staff to enhance the structure and content of the existing curriculum. Several ASA staff coaches have been piloting the first phase of the new content within specific age groups this spring with a full rollout to be introduced club wide this June.

More specifically, the club will build upon prioritizing the 9U-U14U age groups as the “learning phase” to teach possession-based concepts in a logical and sequential manner, segmenting concepts in age group blocks that reinforce and build upon each other. Once graduating out of this learning phase, players will possess an exceptionally strong foundation of knowledge to execute our style of play at the fast pace of play of the 15U+ competitive ages.

How will ASA’s work with Kieran benefit players at the team and individual level?

  • Provide explicit and clear age group objectives to help maximize the coaches effectiveness for each player and team
  • Use a “simple to complex” teaching model, introduce players to concepts in a manner that takes into account their cognitive, physical, and overall soccer experience
  • Facilitate continued crossover within and across age groups as all players are learning same content and model of play
  • Provide players with tactical (decision-making) and technical foundation to play the modern game
  • Provide ASA players the most comprehensive education giving them an advantage against their gameday opponents

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