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The club's staff is pleased to welcome Jenn Schwartz to the support staff as Director of Injury Prevention. Jennifer Schwartz-Biggle is a nationally recognized injury prevention expert in youth soccer and the owner of Impact Sport Science Group where she consults many types of athletes on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sport performance optimization.  Her clients vary from ASA players, NFL players to Olympians.  She holds a Master's of Science in Muscle Activation Techniques and Fitness and Health Management, a Bachelor's of Science in Pre Physical Therapy, and is a certified Exercise Physiologist. 

Jenn believes the key to success in helping others is combining her playing experience (collegiate, semi-professional soccer), 8 years of coaching soccer, and continual professional education. She has completed over 300 credit hours of advanced coursework in biomechanics, cadaver anatomy, sports performance, joint and muscle function, injury rehabilitation and neurophysiology. 

Jenn will oversee the club's injury prevention and physical development program. This unique blend of education and years of hands-on experience in elite youth soccer is the foundation for Alexandria Soccer's physical development program. This program will bring our players to a highly competitive level by teaching them the important basics of speed, agility, and strength training.  Jenn is also implementing several programs for parents and players on injury prevention that will increase each player's performance and long-term orthopedic health.

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