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Academy Soccer Program

Academy soccer is for the player and family looking for a competitive environment and advanced age-specific curriculum taught by USSF/NSCAA licensed coaches, who are selected and managed by ASA Executive Director, Tommy Park, and the ASA Technical staff.  ASA prides itself on providing an intensely FUN, challenging, dynamic and progressive learning environment.  Since professionalizing the club in 2011 the community of players, parents, coaches and staff have invested in a long term educational structure.

One that instills the clubs values at an early age both on and off the field and creates a community support system to progress kids at every age.  The club is committed to supporting players at all levels within the Academy program and in other programs throughout the club.  Read more about the club's vision, mission and values here.  Read more about the Academy program curriculum, teaching didactics and program organization here.

At what age does Academy soccer start?

U9 (players born in 2010) for both boys and girls programs.

What is the structure of tryouts?

Upon arrival on the first tryout day, players will need to check-in to receive a tryout number. Coaches typically assess players through technical activities and small/large sided games.  See the evaluation criteria above. Players will be moved between fields in order to see players in different competitive environments and speeds of play.

NOTE: Parents will not be allowed inside the fence at Simpson and Witter fields. Only players are allowed inside the facility during tryouts. 

What is the selection criteria?

  • Technical - Quality of first touch and comfort level on the ball

  • Tactical - Speed and quality of decision-making with and without the ball

  • Psychological - Composure, passion for the game, work ethic and mental toughness

  • Physical - Natural physical abilities

  • Commitment - To learn and attending learning opportunities (practices/games) annually 

Can my child try out for the age group "up"?

The club's policy is for all players to try out for their true birth year age group unless given written permission from the Technical Director to tryout for the age group "up".

Time commitment

Two-three (2-3) core practice sessions a week
One (1) game per weekend, typically on Sundays
A one (1) year commitment, including each of the following:
  • Fall season: Mid-August to Mid-November

  • Spring season: Mid-March to Mid-June

  • Approximately eight (8) winter sessions and four (4) summer sessions

  • ASA Futsal League (separate registration)

Can my child play other sports and activities?

Absolutely! We encourage players to enjoy other sports and become a well-rounded person and competitor. Coaches expect players to meet their minimum participation expectations. U9 and U10 players may play both Rec and Academy soccer should they choose.

Is my child "good" enough for Academy?

If your kid loves soccer and has a desire to learn more, come to the tryout evaluation days! Allow the professional coaches to provide their recommendation as to what game day and training environment (Academy, PDP or SFL) is appropriate for your child.

What if my child is not Recommended for Academy Soccer?

U9-U10 Academy soccer currently allows for up to 5 teams of 12 kids per team, so around 60 kids can be placed in Academy programs. U11-U12 allows for 14 kids per team. U13-U19 allows for 2-3 teams of 16-22 players each. All others players will be offered the PDP training option (U9-U12) or SFL league option (U13-U19). No one is “cut” from the opportunity to play soccer in an appropriate ASA programming though not everyone is offered the Academy program roster spot.  

Costs for Academy Soccer

Academy program costs vary based on age group and team. Payments can be made in one lump or spread out over five (5) installments. The total cost for Academy soccer includes coaching fees, league fees, insurance, club fees, equipment costs, referees, and tournament fees. All new players to Academy are required to purchase an Adidas uniform (~$90-100) that typically lasts 2 years or 4 seasons.


Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch will qualify for a set scholarship price, as determined by ASA. Additional assistance is available through an application process with aid allocated on a sliding scale.

Questions about Academy soccer?

Contact ASA by emailing or calling 703-684-5425.

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